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Medical Advisory Board
Dr. Julian Bailes
Leading Concussion Expert
Medical Director, Pop Warner
Chairman, Northshore University Health System Department of Neurosurgery
Surgical Director, Northshore Neurological Institute
Founding Member and Director, Brain Injury Research Institute

Dr. Joseph Maroon
Leading Concussion Expert
Co-Founder, ImPACT Test
Professor and Vice Chairman Neurosurgery, University of Pittsburgh Medical Center
Team Neurosurgeon, Pittsburgh Steelers
NFL Advisor

Dr. Eric Oberlander
Neurosurgeon, Neuromedical Center
Team Neurosurgeon, LSU Athletics
Engineering background with expertise in medical implant design

Dr. Peter Salgo
ICU Director, Columbia Presbyterian
15-year Host, PBS-TV 2nd Opinion

Jack Marucci
Director of Athletic Training, LSU
Leading authority on impact sensor use in football